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About 關於我

洛杉磯著名音樂製作人,洛杉磯捕夢網音樂的負責人,畢業於好萊塢音樂學院。作曲/編曲作品包括:Hebe 田馥甄 《無事生非》,張韶涵《還記得嗎》,
安心亞《情能補拙》,電視劇流星花園插曲《想你想到快瘋了》,范瑋琪《在幸福的路上》,呂薔《怎麼會》,騰訊偶像劇陪你到世界終結主題曲《期待的心跳》,魏巡《習慣》,A-SOUL《超級敏感》,東南 Don 《假裝不認識》,Fuying&Sam 《生命協奏曲》,蘇醒《輪廓》等等。

除了華語流行音樂,他也參與過多部好萊塢的電視/電影配樂,合作公司包括 Disney,Warner Brothers,Sony,以及 New Line Cinema。他的多首創作也被收錄於知名電玩 Sleeping Dogs。

值得一提的是,Johnny 也鑽研混音多年,並且是葛萊美獎得主混音師 Charles Dye的得意門生。 此外,他也是一位出色的吉他手,曾擔任多場華語頂尖藝人美國演唱會的樂手。合作的藝人包括 張惠妹,李玟,S.H.E. ,羅志祥,林憶蓮,楊丞琳,鍾鎮濤,杜德偉,張宇,黃品源等等。

Avid Pro Tools HD


Music Production

Post Production Operator

M.I. 好萊塢音樂學院  


Musician's Institute G.I.T.

Professional Music Certification


Johnny is a producer, arranger, mix engineer and operates his music production company, Dream Catcher Music, located in Los Angeles. Some of his work include: Hebe Tien《Make Trouble Out of Nothing》, Angela Chang《Do You Still Remember》, Amber An 《Qing Neng Bu Zhuo》, T.V. Show Meteor Garden 《Going Crazy Thinking About You》, Christine Fan 《On The Road To Happiness》, Amuyi Lu 《How Come》,Win 《Xi Guan》, A-SOUL 《Super Sensitive》, Don《Pretenders》 , Allen Su《Lun Kuo》etc.. 


Besides pop music, Johnny’s work as a film/tv/game composer is featured in several releases such as Labou (DVD), Flight of the Living Dead (New Line Cinema), The Final Season (U.S. Release), Japanese Animation The Highlander (Sony DVD), Valentine (Columbia/Warner TV Show), One Step (Documentary), and video game Sleeping Dogs just to name a few.


Johnny is also an accomplished guitar player and played at various concert venues and Las Vegas casino resorts, including the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Shoreline Amphitheater, Harrah's, Pechanga, Mandalay Bay, Caesar's Palace, and MGM, for Asian crossover pop artists such as Coco Lee, A-Mei, S.H.E., Sandy Lam, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Chang Yu, Alex To, Kenny Bee, Huang Ping Yuan, and Hsiao Gang.

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