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TV/Film/Commercial/Video Game​  電視/電影/廣告/電玩


三菱電機廣告歌《無所不在》 Mitsubishi Electric Commercial Song                   配唱製作人 Vocal Producer   


青箭口香糖「糖紙戀人」微電影廣告 Doublemint Gum Commercial 

編曲 Arranger

北京王府井購物中心廣告  Wang Fu Jing Shopping Center Commercial 

配樂 Music Composer

雲豹科技廣告 J&V Energy Technology Commercial 

配樂/音效 Music Composer and Sound Design 

Sleeping Dogs, Video Game 

多首作曲/編曲/錄音/混音 Selected Songs Composer/Arranger/Recording/Mixing

Trailer for Foo Fighters Documentary Back and Forth 

配樂 Music Composer from 0’05 to 0’38

Hellcats, TV Series, C/W Network, Episode 17 

多首吉他 Selected Songs guitars


Lucent Heart, Video Game 

多首配樂 Selected Songs composer

Crazy Racer 瘋狂的賽車 

預告片配樂 Trailer Original Music composer

Po Boy Tango, Theatrical Play, East West Players 

音效設計 Sound Designer

One Step (Documentary)
 1m06 Co-composer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing
配樂/吉他/錄音/混音 1m16 Co-composer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

Valentine (13-episode TVSeries, C/W Network)
吉他   Episode 1  4m27  Guitars

吉他   Episode 1  5m28  Guitars

配樂/錄音/混音  Episode 2  2m11b  Co-composer/Recording/Mixing

配樂/錄音  Episode 2  6m31  Co-composer/Recording

吉他   Episode 4  3m18  Guitars

吉他   Episode 4  3m21  Guitars


Shin Dance Company Wings of Shin - A Chinese Journey (DVD)

後期處理製作   Post Production Audio

The Legend of Bruce Lee  李小龍傳奇 (CCTV China)

主題曲作曲/錄音/混音 Title Theme Co-composer/Recording/Mixing

Brotherhood (TV Series, Showtime)

作曲/錄音/混音 Song Girl Co-composer/Recording/Mixing

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (Japanese Animation)

吉他  1m01  Guitars

吉他  5m43  Guitars

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Newline Cinema)

製作/吉他/錄音/混音  1m03  Producer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

製作/吉他/錄音/混音  1m06  Producer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

製作/吉他/錄音/混音  2m02  Producer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

製作/吉他/錄音/混音  3m03  Producer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

配樂/吉他/錄音/混音  5m01  Composer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

配樂/吉他/錄音/混音  5m08  Composer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

配樂/吉他/錄音/混音  6m02  Composer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

製作/吉他/錄音/混音  6m05  Producer/Guitars/Recording/Mixing

The Final Season (Yari Film Group)

配樂/吉他/錄音  1m03  Composer/Guitars/Recording

配樂/吉他/錄音  2m05  Composer/Guitars/Recording
配樂/吉他/錄音  3m01  Composer/Guitars/Recording

配樂/吉他/錄音  3m05  Composer/Guitars/Recording

配樂/吉他/錄音  3m10  Composer/Guitars/Recording
配樂/吉他/錄音  3m11   Composer/Guitars/Recording

配樂/吉他/錄音  4m04  Composer/Guitars/Recording
配樂/吉他/錄音  5m01   Composer/Guitars/Recording


Labou (Feature Film)

音樂剪接  Music Editor

The Opposite of You 

作曲/吉他/錄音/混音  Co-composer/Guitar/Recording/Mixing

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