Billy Koh 許環良

Music Producer, mentor for JJ Lin, A-Do and Kit Chan.



Johnny Chao is a music producer/ songwriter/ mixing engineer that I have worked together in Los Angeles. 

Some of our works including:





He knows his skill well and always deliver his best, mostly importantly in time for whatever timeline that he promised. Very reliable and pleasant musician to work with.


---Billy Koh 許環良

Howard 鍾宗豪, 製作人/編曲/鍵盤手(李聖傑,齊秦,辛嘵琪)


'認識JOHNNY是1999的 四月,我是個MI 的新鮮人,也第一次到美國。而JOHNNY已在MI 上了一年的課,也早就在美定居了,所以,當時我時常請教

或求助於他,他是個熱心,很夠義氣的人,所以,由於他以及我們MI 臺灣同鄉的幫助,我的美國體驗是很順利且愉快的。而我們也曾在學校的合奏課,或LA當地的一些中小型演出合作過,都是很好的經驗。


學校課程結束之後,我回到臺灣,JOHNNY仍在LA,我們在各自的領域奮鬥,都有各自的成果。直到2008年,由于JOHNNY 已將自己的專業與專研的中心放在了製作, 錄音,混音上,而我在北京正好有些製作案,于是委托JOHHNY 為我操刀了幾首混音。我們合作很愉快,而且,在客戶與專業度上都得到相當的認同與好評。JOHNNY 有相當的專業修養,多年在專業領域的經驗積累,重要的,是他是個認真負責的好工作伙伴。


現在JOHNNY 在LA當地有了自己的工作室,有了自己的公司,我們之後還會有更多的合作。希望JOHNNY 在音樂領域事業順利。'



---鍾宗豪 (臺灣/北京)

Faith Yang, Singer/Songwriter


'I had the pleasure of working with Johnny Chao on my 1st solo album 'Simple Living' which was released on June 22, 2009. I must say, my choice was indeed a good one! :)


We met through 'alivenotdead' (a social networking site) in the fall 2008. 


Johnny had written a comment to me about my songs on 'alivenotdead' and somehow, from his few sentences, I had a feeling we would be able to work well together! 


Shortly after, Johnny flew over to Singapore and we had the chance to meet face to face. And after hearing the work he had done for other bands and artists in America, I felt that he really had the gift of the ear and the aptitude for mixing. 


We decided to work try out on 3 songs in the album initially. However! We went on to 5 songs instead! Johnny is a really versatile mixing engineer! 


You will be able to hear our album samples on www.rebirth.sg/shop.html. All songs are now available in CD and in Mp3!


The songs mixed by Johnny are as follows:


左手右手 Left Hand Right Hand 

Take Me Away 

宇宙之歌 Universal Chant 

简单生活 Simple Living  

Afraid to Lose


I was pleasantly surprised with each of his mix as we progressed from ballads to chill, and from electronic to rock. Johnny is able to bring out the tone and the essence of the songs. His understanding of the songs and what they mean helps to deepen the mix. And this, I feel is very important to any mix. It brings the song together.


And I am pleased to say that Johnny is really pleasant to work with. He never fails to deliver on time, he is patient and the quality of his mix speaks for itself! He is willing to listen to what the producer has in mind and tries his best to meet their expectations. At the same time, he also makes efforts to contribute with interesting and creative suggestions,


For all this! I would love to have a chance to work with Johnny again! Hopefully soon! :) 


Thumbs up! '


---Faith Yang (Singapore)


Solo Wang 

Film composer / Pianist / Audio Engineer


'我跟 Johnny 老師認識,是透過之前在台灣認識的 Howard 老師,經過他的介紹,在我來美國之後,就認識了 Johnny 老師,Johnny 老師一直都對我很照顧,不管是經驗的分享,還是音樂製作上的知識,都毫不吝嗇的跟我分享,我們也合作過一些唱片製作的 Project,過程很開心,也得到很多用錢都買不到的保貴經驗。

很開心老師的Deam Catcher Music 錄音室開張了!自己之前在這錄音室錄製了我個人的電影配樂 Project, ( https://soundcloud.com/solo-wang/gone ,  https://soundcloud.com/solo-wang/memories ) 效果非常好,真的是個很棒的錄音室,希望以後還有機會跟老師繼續合作,也祝老師的錄音室生意興隆! '



---Solo Wang 



Ava Tien, Singer/Songwriter/V.O. Artist


'I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent recording songs with Johnny at Dream Catcher Music. The recording environment is relaxed, comfortable and stress-free, which helped calm my nerves and the pressure I put on myself to sing flawlessly.  Johnny has an extremely affable and patient personality, which made it so easy for me to work with him.   He sincerely cares and wants me to be 100% satisfied with my recording experience.

Professionally, he has a very keen musical ear as a producer and engineer and would offer me excellent advice and tips on ways to optimize my vocal skills.  I am very pleased with the final product of all the music we recorded and attribute my positive experience to the setting and staff with which I was provided at Dream Catcher Music. I feel fortunate to have worked with Johnny and will continue to record at Dream Catcher in the future.' 


---Ava Tien (Orange County, California)

Kai Chang, Singer/V.O. Artist


‘I do all of my voice-overs and recordings with Johnny at Dream Catcher Music – it’s a professional yet relaxed environment. Johnny is a great producer and engineer to work with and I’m always happy with the results.

I would definitely recommend him to other people.’


---Kai Chang (Los Angeles, California)

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