Courses 音樂製作課程

Music Production Courses at Dream Catcher Music

Instructor: Johnny Chao


Music Production 101 

Learning Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 


Week 1 DAW Overview and Basic Navigation 


Week 2 Introduction to Midi Sequencing


Week 3 Introduction to Audio Recording


Week 4 Mixing Basics



Music Production 102 

Intro To Song Arrangement 


Week 1 Song Structure and Drum Programming


Week 2 Drum Programming Part 2 and Bass


Week 3 Acoustic and Electric Guitars


Week 4 Keyboards/Strings/Pad 



Music Production 103 



Week 1 Audio Editing


Week 2 Vocal Recording/Editing/Tuning


Week 3 Mixing Part 1


Week 4 Mixing Part 2/Intro To Mastering




Music Production 201 

All About Plug-Ins


Week 1 Compressor/Limiter Part 1


Week 2 Compressor/Limiter Part 2


Week 3 EQ


Week 4 Reverb


Week 5 Delay


Week 6 Chorus/Flanger/Doubler/Pitch Shifter



Music Production 202 

Mixing Workshop (Bring Your Own Song)


Week 1 Pre-Mixing/Intro To Frequency/EQ


Week 2 Compressors


Week 3 Adding Effects/Effect Parameters


Week 4 Automation/Intro To Mastering/Bouncing







1. Each lesson is $65 per hour with the option of adding a 30 minute hands-on lab at $20 per session.


2. Students will be given a detailed outline for each lesson and are encouraged to take additional notes during the lesson.


3. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to class and work on their own systems.


4. Students are required to have a system at home that consists of at least a computer running Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or Studio One, an audio interface, and a midi keyboard.


5. At the end of each lesson, students take the session home and continue working on the materials taught in class.



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